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Happy Beltane!

As Spring really gets going, I'm enjoying all the fresh herbs and flowers presenting themselves to us - wild nettles, chickweed, dandelion, oh my! What are you seeing popping up in the yard, in the woods, or in a field by your house? What's new at the farmers' market? And what are you doing with the new bounty?

I've committed to deepening my spiritual practice this year by aligning myself with the seasons. Now, I'm not one to celebrate Beltane or May Day typically, but I've been loving learning more about traditional pagan holy days (or holidays) based on the natural cycles of the earth and remembering that we are not apart from the earth, but a part of it! Beltane falls between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice - at the height of spring!

One tradition that I have a very fond memory of comes from my kindergarten class dancing around a maypole with colorful ribbons. I don't remember what they told us about this tradition, if anything, but I remember having such fun outside, playing with no inhibitions. As I'm in my 40's now, I don't play as often as I maybe should. I don't have kids, which are typically a great excuse to act silly, but I want to make more time for fun regardless. I do have an adult-sized hula hoop, which a friend made for me many years ago. So, my commitment to myself on this Beltane is to have fun and twirl around in the yard and not worry if I make a fool of myself or if anyone is watching... I just want to reconnect with my inner girl and enjoy the new life all around! How will you celebrate the season?

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