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Here Comes the Sun

Happy Spring Equinox! Today in the Northern Hemisphere we have 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. It feels like we are still in winter but moving toward more sunlight and warmth. I feel more desire to be active, plan for the future, and detox from a sluggish winter.

I find inspiration from nature. Small plants and trees are putting out their green growth, and we're even seeing some flowers! But other plants are holding back for the warmer weather to come. I want to move slowly and with intention. I want to support my blood and organs with dandelion and nettles (both sending up new growth right now!) as I cut out sugar and gluten in my diet to ease this transition for my body.

I also want to take time to appreciate the natural cycles of rest and activity, day and night, light and dark, dry and wet. All are important for fostering growth on this planet. All are important for our health and vitality, and being aware of these cycles help us flow with the ever-changing seasons of life.

Right now I am appreciating my community, both the people and the natural beauty surrounding me. I was able to spend an afternoon with 16 women recently to celebrate a new life coming into the world. It was so uplifting to be in community and feel the love and support we all shared.

Life will always have challenges, but that is why it's so important to take time to celebrate. Celebrate your strength and flexibility, celebrate the blooming flowers and singing birds, celebrate your community of people and animals who bring joy to your life! We are all sharing this experience from very different perspectives, so I encourage you to have compassion for yourself and those around you who may need some support, encouragement, or even just a smile from a stranger.

If you want support in this season change, please sign up for a Personalt Health Consultation (to learn more about incorporating herbal medicine into your routine) or a Food As Medicine session ( if you want to learn some new tips and recipes for improving your health).

Be well,


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