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Imbolc: Rest Before the Bloom

The first holiday of the seasonal natural cycles is Imbolc - half way between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. We're not quite done with the cold weather, but the days are getting longer and we yearn for the coming spring.

In this "in-between" time I feel pulled to start planning my spring garden and the year ahead while the other half of me is still in hibernation mode. This can make me feel a little restless. I also want to give myself time to fully recover from the busy holidays and respond to the natural winter energy of slowing down, reflecting, and restoring my energy from the whole previous year.

And it's been a busy year for me! I finished by Chestnut School Herbal Immersion program, launched Black Mountain Herbal, recommitted to my own personal healing and connection with nature through Corinna Wood's "Year's Spiral" program (starting up again now, if anyone's interested!), and engaging more with my new community here in Black Mountain, NC.

I tend to reflect common tropes we hear from society about productivity in my own head, such as, "don't be lazy," or "why aren't you doing more?" or "you should be able to do it all on your own." But I have to stop myself and realize that those judgements are not helpful and do not value my whole self. I am trying to re-wire my brain away from such negative self-talk and toward supportive messages that encourage me to rest when I'm tired, ask for support when I need it, and take time to reflect on how I'm feeling. These all help me make the best choices of how to spend my energy instead of burning out trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.

How are you listening to your inner wisdom in this "in-between" time? Are you able to give yourself a break to replenish your energy stores so you can live fully from a place of joy? As Corinna always reminds us, you can best help others and contribute meaningfully to your community from a place of your cup overflowing. Are you ensuring your needs are taken care of, or are you putting others' needs first and depleting your energy in order to do so?

If you are feeling depleted, there are so many great herbs to help rebuild your energy reserves. Schedule your Initial Personal Health Consultation with me to learn more, or if you're a returning customer, book a Follow-up Consultation today!

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